Rio InTouch Streamer Tip 10' Flyt/Intermediate - # 8

Artikelnr RP20824

THE ULTIMATE RANGE OF sink tip lines forthrowing streamers, with ultra-low stretch performance.

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A series of lines with short, 10 ft sinkingtips, specifically built for fly fishers that like to fish streamers out of aboat. A short, heavy head loads rods at close range, allowing anglers to makefast, one-shot casts. An aggressive, powerful front taper casts large coneheadmuddlers and bunny leech rigs with ease, while a welded loop on the front endallow anglers to change rigs quickly. Built with RIO s ultra-low stretchConnectCore Technology and a supple coldwater coating, this line will nottangle off the reel.

• F/I has an intermediate tip that sinks about 1.5in per second, and is great forthrowing streamers to the bank.

• Built with ultra-low stretch ConnectCoreTechnology for the maximum in sensitivity, control and performanc

• Short, powerful head to loadat close range

• Aggressive front taper easily cast largestreamers

• Welded loops for superfast rigging


WF5 F/I headweight 13,0 gram
WF6 F/I headweight 13,6 gram
WF7 F/I headweight 15,6 gram
WF8 F/I headweight 18,1 gram

Overall Length
27,4 meter/9,1 meter


Klass! 8
Densitet Hover / Intermediate
Klumplängd (meter) Medel 9-12m
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