Ett riktigt high end-städ från C&F Design. Ett av de finare och bättre städen på marknaden.



• Our philosophy to create tying tools is to fit human hands and feeling with make tier to feel the status to own our design. It has never change from beginning. • ""Reference"" has not only high quality basic function, but it is enough to be called ""THE BEST"" ever in vise market. It also has evolutional functions like magnetic jaw or link arm. Please try and enjoy of the joy of tying. • Comes with exclusive Temp Hanger & Bobbin Hanger. FUNCTION: Link Arm: • We adapted new and unique link-system to arm to change the level of jaw. It can change level without changing angle of the jaw. • When change the level of the jaw, touch and move operation shaft on the side. Rotary Function: • After set a hook to the jaw, adjust the arm. It is very easy to see the center of the hook. • When turn the jaw, loosen the screw of the arm, then turn the handle located back of the vise. It is very handy to check proportion of the fly and to tie palmer hackle such as wooly bugger or elk hair caddis. Left-handed • It can be changed from right handed to left handed use. • First, rotate jaw then take off rotary shaft brake knob and install from the other side. (Picture is left handed use.) Magnetic Jaw • Inside of the jaw has magnet. Hook can be held temporally in the jaw. It makes easier for tier to adjust the position of the hook. Especially it is very useful for smaller than #20 hooks. • 2 screw lock system gives delicate but definite hold. It holds from #32 to #5/0 hooks.

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