Our hitch flies are deadly effective for catching salmon, sea trout or steelhead on the surface. They produce an irresistible wake and are tied on M and S FITS tubing with a pre-made ''hitch hole'' on each side.



To catch salmon, sea trout or stealhead on the surface is an adrenaline kick halfway to heaven and seeing a big fish chase a hitch fly and hit it with a great splash is not for the faint hearted. To skate or hitch a fly has, over the years, become more and more popular. The method is spreading over the world, not only because it is fun, because it is deadly effective. Our hitch flies jump from wave to wave, they produce an irresistible wake which we think is what makes the fish take. Our hitch flies are tied on M and S FITS tubing with a pre made ""hitch hole"" on each side.

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