Our popular micro flies are tied in classic patterns, perfect for summer fishing on low rivers. These small and slim flies perform exceptionally well near the surface or closer to the fish. Expert salmon anglers know that size matters, and our tiny fly is effective when others fail. Our micros come in two sizes with soft materials, SSS shine, synthetic jungle cock feathers, and tungsten cones for balance. In 2017, we introduced a new design featuring tungsten half turbo cones for improved balance and a more traditional look.


Here are the classic micros tied as our most popular patterns. These are the flies that are a success on summer low rivers and rivers where the small balanced fly is the key to the catch! With a small slim drop form they perform fantastically, fished near the surface or closer to the fish. All experienced salmon angler knows that size matters – the tiny fly will take fish when no other fly works. Our micros are tied in two sizes with soft materials, shining SSS, synthetic jungle cock and our balancing tungsten cones. New for 2017 is that the micros will be tied with the tungsten half turbo cones. This gives them better balance and a more classic design.

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