The new Samurais are highly effective modern flies, designed for high speed and optimal performance in dusk and dark conditions. They have a sleek silhouette with a long slim wing that harmonizes with the water. The Samurai Series has gained worldwide popularity over the past few years, attracting thousands of salmon to its unique design. In 2017, a smaller version was introduced with micro tungsten turbo for even better results in river fishing tests.


The new Samurais proved to be fantastically effective! It is a modern silhouette fly, translucent and sparkling with a long slim nicely swimming wing. The Samurais have a longer slimmer drop form that is designed for high speed. Harmoniate the color with the water and you have a super fly for dusk and dark. The Samurais are tied on FITS tubing with the SSS Dubbing, synthetic jungle cock and a Tungsten Turbo in matching colours. The last couple of years the Samurai Series has proven to bee popular world wide, thousands of salmon have fallen for this unique design. New for 2017 is a smaller Samurai, 4 cm with a micro tungsten turbo. Test fishing has given us extremely good reports from rivers all around.

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