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På insidan av rullarna är ''In Honor of S E Bogdan.'' Ingraverat.
Samtliga rullar har ingraverat serie nummer.


Q&A about IWANA

Q: Where and by whom are Bogdan style IWANA reels made?

A: Made by anglers in China. Unlike most Chinese fishing gear manufacturing and trading companies, IWANA is not making products that can be used just to make a lot of money. Instead, we are trying to make reels that our friends and I will enjoy fishing with. We're crazy anglers, so we know what anglers like and care about. We are makers and users of IWANA reels.


Q: How are these reels produced? Is it 100% handmade? Just like Bogdan was…

A:The IWANA team has accumulated nearly ten years of experience in classic reel production. Shaojie started making and selling Bogdan style salmon reels 9 years ago. After continuous improvement, the current high quality and durable reels are obtained. At IWANA we see now is the result of the test of time.

IWANA reels are not assembly line products consigned to factories. In today's CNC technology developed, we no longer pursue 100% handmade. Instead, we would like to use the best technology to make them more standard, sophisticated and durable. We source high-standard parts from factories that specialize in producing certain parts, then assemble and tune them in our own workshop to bring them to best condition & quality. We personally checked every reels. Perhaps your reel came from one of the owners of IWANA.

After each refinement, we worked the reel long enough on the machines we tested to find its limits.


Q:Why don't I buy the original Bogdan reel instead of the Bogdan style IWANA?

A:We also have some Bogdan original reels, and we love them. However, we are only willing to put them in the window to admire, and dare not take them out fishing. No reels will never break, but after Bogdan broke, I think I must be heartbroken to go to the hospital because some damage is no one can perfect repair. Our mission is ''Bring classic reels back to the River''.  This is something we stand by.  First of all, we want to make the Bogdan style reels affordable for most people, with reliable after sales service.  I believe that this is the true continuation of the classic.
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